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HOT DEALS, all as-is...

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* This is the equipment that is cheap. Incredible deals on great left-overs, refurbed older gear, as is stuff, oddball, weird, left over from other projects, accidental purchases, of mysterious origin, or we simply don't know what it's real purpose is. Scroll down to have a look! You deserve a treat today. How can you resist??

* NAVIGATION: To make your life easier, and help you find exactly what you want, we have broken the on-line equipment catalogs into smaller sections. Just CLICK on the item you are looking for at the left, to see the matching catalog. Large graphical catalogs are a bit SLOW, so please give them a bit of time to load. The top header of each catalog is largely the same, so don't think you are stuck in one place!

You can order anything here just by picking up the phone, and calling (250) 769-1834 during normal office hours, 8:30AM to 4:30PM PST, or FAX to (250) 769-4106. OR, Email your order to Susan CLICKHERE.

Shipping*SHIPPING: Preferred and Alternate Methods as of June 4, 2013, CLICK for FULL DETAILS ON OUR FAQ Page. Rates are now changing rapidy, often with little notice to us, so all the data has been transferred to the FAQ page for speedy updating.

* E-Mail Susan if you want a quote for shipping to other destinations, or for something heavy. Sorry, we can't safely send most individual small parts in a regular letter envelope, they get destroyed by the automated handling equipment. Sometimes we can ship very rugged parts in a small padded envelope by letter post. Ask Susan.

*There is a packing charge for large or heavy equipment, see the FAQ for details.

*If we have your valid data on file, you can just click on the ORDER email link to place an order and indicate your approval to bill, and we will do the rest. We keep your active information for ONE YEAR for your convenience.

*If this is the first time you have dealt with us, you can phone +1 (250) 769-1834 or FAX +1 (250) 769-4106 to supply the billing info, or send it by the email link, as you prefer. We accept VISA/MC, international money order, Paypal (to Susan@Okanagan.net), and bank wire transfer. Please note that there are transaction fees with Paypal and wire transfer payments, the wire transfer fee is frankly horrifying.

We accept VISA/MC or international money order

* CONDITION: To answer your questions, YES, we completely check and inspect all used equipment, and do not offer any we feel is substandard. That gear is normally scrapped, broken down for parts, or may get offered as-is or discounted in the HOT DEALS section, with the unit's condition clearly identified. If there are any marks or detracting features, we clearly state them in the listing. Before shipment, we burn in the equipment for 24 hrs. again and re-check to be sure it is good prior to shipment.

* The CATALOG will appear below shortly!
Don't forget these illustrated sections take a few seconds to load, but they are worth the wait!

Parts by the Foot!
See Parts by the foot!
Parts by the Foot, CLICK to see!
CLICK to see!
New Page Just Opened!
Prime Electronic Parts by the Foot! HAVE LOOK!

Transistors, Rectifiers, and Diodes, as little as 8 cents each!
Great deals on popular service and experimenter's parts, now you can buy them the way large manufacturers do, in bulk tape and reel, at rock bottom prices. These parts are sold by the foot. Yes, we are metric in Canada, but this is really the appropriate size for most people, and 30.48 cm just doesn't have the same ring to it! All the popular signal diodes, rectifiers and transistors you need on a regular basis, with FULL DATA. Have a look at this great new section HERE, we will be adding to it regularly as we find more suitable parts.
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1 Fascinating Pound !
CLICK to see what's INSIDE!
CLICK to look INSIDE the Bag!
Wahoo, Electronic Grab bags are BACK!
We keep accumulating miscellaneous parts that are extras, come with bigger lots, and are being purged from our stock. At the same time, many people grumble about paying the minimum shipping charge when they ship something small. Well, we have the technology to solve this problem. We will add a 1 Pound grab bag of new parts (mainly, there might be the odd pulled or used but useful item) to fill up the extra weight in your shipment! Some of the material is pretty spectacular, you will certainly get good value for your money. They include resistors, capacitors, ICs, chokes, semiconductors, switches, assemblies, and all kinds of mystery items, NO TWO BAGS ARE ALIKE. We have four categories, electronic parts, mechanical/hardware, vacuum tubes (will be some used types in every bag), and connectors/cables.
Any type, US$15. If you want a 1 Pound bag by itself to add to any order, it's the same price. The stuff inside is really excellent material, you won't be disappointed!

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We accept Visa / MC for fast order processing.

Great deals on Classic Fluke 8021B DMMs!
Just Arrived!

CLICK for bigger PIC!
Fluke 25, CLICK for bigger PIC!

Fluke 8021B DMM

CLICK for BIGGER PIC of Test Lead options! Powerful 1999 count portable DMM with built in rear tilt bail, includes new basic lead set. Ideal for field service or bench use, has exceptionally good DC accuracy of 0.25%+/- 1 count up to 1KV. Includes continuity beeper and diode test. A great American-made meter, in excellent condition as shown, fully cal'd and overhauled, fresh Duracell battery, ready to use. We will provide basic leadsets for free, or upgrade to a premium silicone safety-shrouded 10A leadset for an additional $15.  Download the full Fluke Op/Service Manual PDF HERE
Have 8, $39 each plus shipping

AS-IS Equipment, we will advise the state when it was put away, and if it powers up or not, the rest is all up to you!
HP3455A Display, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

HP3455A, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

HP 3455A DMM
 HP 3455A DMM
5/6 Digit high performance DMM with true RMS AC, with very wide range, high resolution, HPIB and math functions. These were HP's top DMMs a few years back, and were all working and cal'd when stored. They have selectable front/rear inputs and user selectable resolution/sampling speed. Too costly for us to re-cal, so you get the benefit of excellent technology for a very low dollar amount. All are in excellent condition, power up, zero and appear to work, but not checked beyond that, so as-is condition. YES, we include op/svc manuals ON CD and a line cord. They can be rack mounted by attaching side accessory ears, but no feet or rack ears included at this price.
2 SOLD, SORRY, SOLD, Price $95 Each
LOC: STORAGE   CLICK HERE to E-Mail an Order
Tek 414, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

Tektronix 414 Patient Monitor
Tektronix  Tektronix 414 Patient Monitor CRT and digital display medical monitor c/w factory manual. Includes top pouch filled with cables and accessories, has attached line cord. Controls appear to work, trace is good (slow phosphor for long trace display), even battery appears to charge, but no other testing done, strictly as-is. A very rare Tek item, beautifully made and very compact. YES, the paper factory manual comes with it!
SORRY, SOLD, Price $60 Each
LOC: STORAGE   CLICK HERE to E-Mail an Order
Tek 11402/11A34, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

Tektronix 11402/11A34 Digital Oscilloscope
11A34 Plug In, CLICK for bigger PIC! Tektronix  Tektronix 11402/11A34 Digital Oscilloscope Digital 11K-series plug-in oscilloscope mainframe with 4-trace 11A34 plug-in. Was fully overhauled and cal'd when put into storage, but has been sitting since 2008, so as-is. Very nice physical condition, powerful sampling style mainframe for very wideband operation, plug-in has selectable 1M/50 Ohm input impedance, 200MHz bandwidth. YES, we will provide tek op manuals for the frame, and op/svc for the plug in on CD on request!
SORRY, SOLD, Price $150
LOC: STORAGE   CLICK HERE to E-Mail an Order
GR 1662, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

General Radio 1662 Resistance Limit Bridge
GENRAD  General Radio 1662 Resistance Limit Bridge 7 Digit Resistance Bridge for part selection, allows quick binning of resistors to specific limits. Does not power up, fuses are Ok, requires work for the active portion to run, no manual available. No line cord, uses air conditioner style extension cord. Has seven decade precision resistor reference, plus null comparator
SORRY, SOLD, Price $40 Each
LOC: STORAGE   CLICK HERE to E-Mail an Order
Mellese Griot 5mW aser, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

Melles Griot 5mW HeNe Laser
Melles Griot  Melles Griot 5mW HeNe Laser Optical breadboard with power supply and laser assembled. Works great, small lab built laser source w/line cord. Very high quality, much better than typical 1mW gas lasers, this has ruggedized mount, power supply and power switch.USE CAUTION! 5mW is dangerous to the eye! As-is, no documentation.
SORRY, SOLD, Price $25
LOC: STORAGE   CLICK HERE to E-Mail an Order

Now OPEN, our new PRODUCTION PARTS WAREHOUSE, millions of electronic parts available!


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Just in...Flexible Fan/Alarm System
Sanyo Denki, CLICK to visit!
Sanyo Denki, CLICK to visit!

Fan Assembly, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

Fan Assembly, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!

12VDC Fan +T
1.6"/40mm/12VDC FAN +T
Sanyo Denki FINE ACE 20 plus alarm assembly
40mm square DC Brushless fan, 12VDC, 0.11A, 20mm inch thick, with Tach output, flying red/black/yellow leads soldered into the PCB. Medium 0.225 cubic meters/min airflow (approx. 8CFM), 5-blade design, 32dBa noise level. UL/CSA/TUV Listed fan. Assembled into a fan/PSU alert module from Bird Products Corp., Assembly 50660, Rev. G. This can be run from 24 to 11VDC (or even less, but fan speed suffers). The fan is fixed at 12V or less (via the regulator), and has an integral fault alarm if it becomes stalled, which sounds a loud acoustic transducer.

A very handy assembly, this has input power leads with TYCO FASTON double connectors that allows a second connection to each lead. Very well made, and easily disassembled if the alarm is used separately from this fan, as it should work with almost any 12V fan that has a tach output. This assembly would be perfect to ventilate and cool a constantly charging 12V battery pack in a UPS or similar system. Each one is indivudually bagged and sealed in an anti-static bag for protection.

Loc: FAN104
100 pcs.
Just $9 Ea.

Modular 5VDC Power Supplies
Astrodyne PWB-5001 Power Supply Astrodyne, CLICK to visit!Astrodyne, CLICK to visit!  MINIATURE MODULAR POWER SUPPLY
100-240VAC In, 5VDC/1A Out, only 1x2x0.6 inches!

Self-contained UL/ULC/CE/TUV approved miniature wide range AC input DC power supply for PCB mounting. Delivers 5VDC/1A with high efficiency, 3KV input/output isolation. Incredibly useful for making quick projects. Use of an AC line filter and DC noise filter recommended for best operation, see full data sheet HERE!. New parts, limited quantity, won't last long!

WOW, Just $9 each! 30 on hand.

30-9604 Jack box, CLICK for bigger PIC!
30-9604 Jack box,
CLICK for bigger PIC!
30-9604 Jack box, CLICK for bigger PIC!
30-9604 Jack box,
CLICK for bigger PIC!
Model 30-9604 standard 2-line (4 wire) Phone Surface Box
These are the standard beige colored, high quality box used by phone companies, MIL packaged, no less! Has an adhesive back and screw holes, gold spring contacts for the RJ10 jack and screw terminals inside. Great for adding additional phones to your house, modem ports, etc.
$1 each, box or 10 for $9, Have large quantity.

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