Basic Slide Rule Types
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Mannheim/Simplex examples:

Go To K&E This is a K&E N4041 rule. It has single sided operation, with supplemental inch/cm scales on the body edges. It is made of wood, with laminated white scale surfaces, and engraved/filled scale markings.

Sun Hemmi Bamboo Rule

CLICK to visit Hemmi-Sun This is a close up of an early SUN Hemmi's Bamboo rule, (these were marketed in the USA as POST rules, as wll as other brands), and clearly shows the single sdied operation and side ruler scales typical of this type of slide rule. Construction is white celluloid laminate over bamboo, with engraved and filled scales.

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Duplex examples:

Picket N515T

Go To Pickett This is a Pickett N515-T rule. It has double sided operation, and more complex body construction, with end supports. This Pickett rule is made of aluminum, with white painted surfaces and contrasting painted scales.

Go To K&E This is a K&E Log Log Duplex rule. It has double sided operation (both are shown), with numbered and matched body and slide parts (the odd tiny numbers everybody always thinks are model numbers). It is also made of wood, with laminated white scale surfaces, and engraved/filled scale markings. Later versions from K&E are made of Xylonite, a white plastic material.

Circular Examples:

Here's one of the most common and popular circulars, the Pickett 101C-ES. This rule has DUPLEX construction, and has scales and cursors on both sides.

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