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A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, electronic production parts and yes, slide rules!

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Sphere Research Corporation
Electronic Production Parts Warehouse

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Through Hole Components
Capacitors (Electrolytic)
Fans (DC)  Fans (AC)
Inductors   Inductors/Beads
Lamps  LEDs  LEDs
Line Filters
Resistors   Power Resistors

Surface Mount Components
Capacitors (Electrolytic)
Inductors   Inductors/Beads

You can order anything here just by picking up the phone, and calling (250) 769-1834 during normal office hours, 8:30AM to 4:30PM PST, or FAX to (250) 769-4106. OR, Email your order to Susan CLICKHERE.

Shipping*SHIPPING: Preferred and Alternate Methods as of June 4, 2013, CLICK for FULL DETAILS ON OUR FAQ Page. Rates are now changing rapidy, often with little notice to us, so all the data has been transferred to the FAQ page for speedy updating.

* E-Mail Susan if you want a quote for shipping to other destinations, or for something heavy. Sorry, we can't safely send most individual small parts in a regular letter envelope, they get destroyed by the automated handling equipment. Sometimes we can ship very rugged parts in a small padded envelope by letter post. Ask Susan.

*There is a packing charge for large or heavy equipment, see the FAQ for details.

*If we have your valid data on file, you can just click on the ORDER email link to place an order and indicate your approval to bill, and we will do the rest. We keep your active information for ONE YEAR for your convenience.

*If this is the first time you have dealt with us, you can phone +1 (250) 769-1834 or FAX +1 (250) 769-4106 to supply the billing info, or send it by the email link, as you prefer. We accept VISA/MC, international money order, Paypal (to Susan@Okanagan.net), and bank wire transfer. Please note that there are transaction fees with Paypal and wire transfer payments, the wire transfer fee is frankly horrifying.

We accept VISA/MC or international money order

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  Through our extensive industry contacts, we have access to large quantities of prime quality electronic surplus material. These parts are current production items, left over when production stops, specific products are discontinued, or lines are closed. Generally, all manufacturing date codes are 2000 or later. We buy from major DOMESTIC sources ONLY (USA and Canada), to control counterfeit parts. NO PARTS are from untraceable foreign brokers, and all have factory batch identification.

We have both through hole and surface mount (SMD) material, but all quantities are limited to what is currently shown, when that inventory is exhausted, we normally cannot supply more, unless our supplier just happens to have more stock left.

These are production parts, NOT service parts, and are supplied in large quantities and specific factory packed lots ONLY. We offer small quantities elsewhere on our site for service activities.

All items are supplied prepaid ONLY, by Visa/Master Card, Bank Transfer, Certified Cheque or Paypal, and are non-returnable if original factory packaging is unsealed or opened. We provide a 10 day (after delivery) on site right of return period. You MUST contact us within that 10 period to obtain an RMA number, and arrange for material return if you feel the items are not as represented. Refunds are limited to the material cost only, less all freight costs (both ways). RMA goods must arrive at our site freight prepaid per our instructions to obtain a refund. Traceability is limited to factory lot and distributor tracking data on the packaging, and further certification is normally not possible unless we happened to get it from the seller to us. You should assume all goods are as-is, unused surplus material, certified and traceable only to the extent marked on each individual package.

We visually inspect and (where possible) sample functional test all batches to insure the items are as indicated (maker, part number, value and unused status). We reject all material that is too old, incorrectly marked, of questionable origin or maker, used or badly stored, fraudulently re-packed, or found to be substandard in any way. This is the extent of our local processing. SMD parts are sealed in bags to prevent oxidation, and all parts are kept in temperature controlled, dry storage areas until sold.

RoHS compliance is not generally known on these items, and you should assume nothing is better than RoHS5 category material, not RoHS6, and may contain lead (Pb) in the solder surface plating.

We cannot ship to all countries, for a variety of freight, credit, fraud, security and logistical reasons. Please contact us HERE if you need to know if we can ship to your area.

Graphical logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, including Littelfuse, hp, Samsung, Vishay, AVX, Fairchild, TI, and others, and are used here merely to unambiguously identify the products. Sphere Research IS NOT a factory authorized distributor for any of the product lines indicated.
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