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I need to find these links often, so I put them all here for my own convenience, you are welcome to snorkel though the good data as well. There's nothing you can do to get on here, other than to be perceived as useful by me. --Walter

World News / General Info:
Everyone has their axe to grind, sometimes it really helps to see exactly how they do it.

NOAACLICKWeekly NOAA CO2 Status, keep in mind, 400ppm is considered the critial tipping point

CLICKCLICKBBC News Concentrator (Eng)

CLICKCLICKCBC News Concentrator (Eng)

CLICKCLICKCTV News Concentrator (Eng)


CLICKCLICKThe Daily Reckoning (Finance)

CLICK to visit ReutersCLICKReuters News Agency, allows different country versions, not just US


CLICKCLICKDer Spiegel News Concentrator (Eng) (Eng)

CLICKCLICKNPR National Public Radio Site, Audio and Text

CLICKCLICKShadow Stats, a Different View


CLICKCLICKNASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

C LICK to visit!CLICKAerospace and Defense News

CLICK for the ChiveCLICKNeed a break, well, Keep Calm and Chive On Learn Chinese Characters + Culture (Eng)

CLICKCLICKThe Jerusalem Post (Eng)

CLICKCLICKAljazeera (Eng)

CLICKCLICKAsahi Shimbun, Japan's Leading paper (Eng)

CLICKCLICKGoogle Financial News Concentrator (US)

CLICKCLICKGoogle Financial News Concentrator (CAN)

CLICKCLICKMish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

CLICKCLICKRT News Concentrator (Eng)   Be careful here, high fantasy coefficient


CLICKCLICKNorth American Drought Map

CLICKCanadian Drought Map (Updated)

NOAACLICKNational Hurricane Center (NOAA)

CLICKCLICKXE World Currency Conversion

Important Software Links (all personally recommended by me):
CLICKAvast, home of the most excellent Avast Free anti-virus software

CLICKMalwarebytes, home of the free Malwarebytes anti-malware software

CLICKVideoLAN, the source of the amazing free VLC Player

CLICKSOURCEFORGE, the source of outstanding Freeware for many platforms

CLICKPiriform, the source of many must-have Windows utilities like CCleaner

CLICKGreenshot, the best Freeware Screen Capture Utility

CLICKCoffeeCup, great Web software, not free, but reasonably priced

CLICKCLICKCanadian Federal Government

CLICKCLICKBritish Columbia Provincial Government

CLICKCLICKDistrict of West Kelowna

CLICKCLICKUS Government Web Portal

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