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Tektronix 285 / 290 / 291 / 295-XXXX-XX Series Capacitors and Sets Available
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A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, useful metrology information, and of course, SLIDE RULES!

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CONDITION:  All parts are original Tek items. All new parts are from Tek factory or service parts stock, used parts are carefully salvaged from Tek equipment. Where possible, we clean, test and restore any used parts as much as possible, but all used items are supplied as-is.
IMPORTANT: there is no minimum order, but please see our FAQ for detailed shipping information world-wide.

All parts are original Tek items, even if/when marked only by value, rather than 29X-XXXX-XX, etc. All new parts are from Tek factory or service parts stock, used parts are from Tek equipment, unsoldered as carefully as possible.
ALL loose capacitors have been tested on our SENCORE LC53, and are known good.
Factory Matched SETS are at the start of this section!
After the matched sets, Capacitors are in order by VALUE.

Picture Tek P/N (If available) Equiv. P/N and Data Qty. New
Price Each
Tek 291-007 and -026 matched Cap units 291-007 and 291-026
Factory Matched Set (single unit)
-007: 1.0uF, 0.1uF, 0.01uF
-026: 0.505uF, 0.0505uF, 0.00505uF, 0.00048uF
Tested good for accuracy and ratio match.
1 ea. Used, tested Your choice
5pc. Set 295-0156-00
Factory Matched Set
10.1uF 25V, 1.0uF 25V, 1.0uF 25V, 0.01005uF 100V, 0.01005uF 100V
26 New US$6
3pc. Set 295-0198-00
Factory Matched Set
10.0uF 25V, 1uF 35V, 0.0099uF 50V
69 New US$6
15pf piston trimmer 281-0082-00 15pF teflon piston trimmer 10 New US$4
50pf piston trimmer 281-0083-00 50pF teflon piston trimmer 15 New US$4
200pf piston trimmer 281-0085-00 200pF teflon piston trimmer 7 New US$4
900pF 285-0777-00 900pF 400V 6 New US$3
.001uf/4KV Murata 0.001uF 4000V, Murata, Y5S dielectric. Removed from new spares assembly. 20 New, Removed US$3
0.0068uF 0.0068uF 5000V 6 Used US$10
.0068uF 285-0509-01 0.0068uF 5000V, Tek 207 series axial lead, mylar film. 4 New US$12
283-0005-03, .01uF/200V 283-0005-03 0.01uF 200V, dipped ceramic 30 New US$1
285-1065-00 .01uF 285-1065-00 0.01uF film, long leads (Electrocube) 20 New US$2
0.01uF 285-0640-00 0.01uF 300V 1 Used US$1
.01uF/4KV, CLICK for bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger PIC!
Tek 183 0.01uF 4000V, Tek type 183 film caps. 4 Used US$10
0.019uF 285-1132-00 0.019uF 600V, channel AC coupling input capacitor. 12 New US$5
285-0816-01 285-0816-01 0.019uF 600V, channel AC coupling input capacitor (465, 475, 485). 8 New US$5
283-0024-00, 0.1uF/50VDC 283-0024-00 0.1uF 50V, dipped ceramic 200 New US$1
2.0uF 400V mylar film TRW-35 2.0uF 400V mylar film 10 New US$8
3.3uF 290-0449-00 3.3uF 250V 1 New US$4
290-0806-00, 3.3uF/350V 290-0806-00 3.3uF/350VDC, radial electrolytic 99 New US$3
290-0767-00 290-0767-00 4.7uF 160V Radial 100 New US$2
5uF 290-0149-00 5uF 150V 7 New US$7
5uF 290-0652-00 5uF 450V SORRY, SOLD New US$7
10.0uF 285-0784-01 10.0uF 25V 1 Used US$2
10uF 285-1060-01 10uF 25V 1 Used US$2
10uf/100vdc/105c 10uF 100V, 105C Radial, United Chemi-con. 5 New US$4
10uf/160v/85c 10uF 160V, 85C Radial, United Chemi-con. 4 New US$4
10/50/100uF 290-0126-00 10/50/100uF 350/150/50V 2 New US$20
10uF 285-0784-02 10uF 25V 1 Used US$1
10uF 290-0647-00 10uF 475V SORRY, SOLD New US$8
22uF 290-0969-00 22uF 100V 3 New US$7
25uF 290-0370-00 25uF 350V 1 New US$12
33uF 290-0535-01 33uF 10V 2 New US$1
33uF 290-0972-00 33uF 50V 1 New US$1
50uF 290-0941-00 50uF 50V SORRY, SOLD New US$1
75uF 290-0978-00 75uF 450V SOLD New US$6
100uF 290-0425-00 100uF 20V SORRY, SOLD New US$1
130uF 290-0336-00 130uF 300V 1 New US$12
150uf/35v/105c 150uF 35V, 105C, Radial, Nichicon 35 New US$2
180uf/40v/105c 180uF 40V, 105C, Radial, Sealed, Sprague 672D SORRY, SOLD New US$4
280-0217-00, 250uF/12V 290-0217-00 250uF 12V, 30D Sprague axial SORRY, SOLD New US$3
250uf/150vdc 290-0468-00 250uF 150V 9 New US$12
337uF 290-0533-00 330 uF Tant. 4 New US$4
330uF/400V 330uF/400V Matsushita 330 uF / 400V PC Mtg., for switcher power supplies 4 New US$11
290-0585-00  350uF/75V 290-0585-00 350uF 75V, Sprague 68D type, with PC pins.
205 New US$5
400uF 290-0816-00 400uF 50V 1 New US$2
FP Style insulated Can 290-0835-00 420uF 200V 85C FP type with PC pins, Mepco/Electra 87F2049BA4, sealed bottom, insulated can. 80'S DATE CODES, BUT Every part formed/tested on our Sencore LC53 AT FULL OPERATING VOLTAGE, guaranteed good, 2" long over-all, excluding pins. 1 New US$12
470uf/10v/105c 470uF 10V, 105C, Radial, Low ESR Marcon type CE-AF 50 New US$4
no pic 290-0570-00 500uF 50V 1 Used US$3
550uf/100v 290-0670-00 550uF 100V, FP style insulated can SORRY, SOLD New US$18
290-0256-00,  2X700uF/50V 290-0256-00 2X 700uF 50V, United Chemicon, FP type, late date code.
150 New US$6
750uF 290-0829-00 750uF 200V SORRY, SOLD Used US$10
290-0279-00,  1,000uF/25V 290-0279-00 1,000uF 25V, Mallory FP type.
32 New US$5
39D, 1000uF/25V Sprague 39D 1,000uF 25V, axial 85C 5 New US$6
290-1235-00 1,000uF/35V Radial 290-1235-00 1,000uF 35V Radial 100 New US$3
1200uF 290-0877-00 1,200uF 6.3V 3 New US$5
1200uf/100v/fp 290-0638-00 Just arrived!
1,200uF 100V, FP style insulated can, used, but tested good.
Just 1 Used US$15
1400uF 290-0644-00 1,400uF 30V 1 New US$6
1500uF 1,500uF 50V 1 New US$6
1500uf/50V TVA1318 1,500uF 50V, Axial Sprague 85C 4 New US$8
1600uF 290-0885-00 1600uF 200V 1 Used US$6
290-0507-00 290-0507-00 1,800uF 75V, FP type with PC pins, late production. 2 New US$29
2000uF/20V  290-0029-00 290-0029-00 2,000uF 20V, Mallory FP style, 79 date coeds, all tested prior to shipment.
30 New US$5
290-0086-00  2,000uf/30V 290-0086-00 2,000uF 30V, United Chemicon FP style, late date code
139 New US$10
290-0577-00 290-0577-00 2,000uF 50V, FP style (short can), late production SORRY, SOLD New US$19
2000uf/75V, 290-0310-00 290-0310-00 2,000uF 75V, AeroM FP style, late date code
17 New US$12
Large Axial 290-0337-00 2,300uF 50V, Large axial UCC parts with leads formed into solder loops. 2 New US$12
3000uf/35v 290-0583-00 3,000uF 35V, FP style insulated can, tested SORRY, SOLD Used US$8
3500uF 290-0437-00 3500uF 25V SORRY, SOLD New US$5
3,500uF/30V PFP352GR1J3P2 3,500uF 30V, PFP type, with PC pins, late date code SORRY, SOLD New US$12
4500uF 290-0568-00 4,500uF 25V 1 New US$7
290-00320-00, 4,500uF/40V 290-0320-00 4,500uF 40V SORRY, SOLD New US$19
5000uF 290-0687-00 5,000uF 15V 1 New US$7
290-0571-00 5,000uF 25V, FP style insulated can with PC pins, Sprague 68D type, late date code 225 New US$9
5500uf/30v 290-0584-00 5,500uF 30V, United Chemicon, late date code. SORRY, SOLD New US$16
290-0578-00  6,000uF/12V 290-0578-00 6,000uF 12V, AeroM PFP type, PC pins, late date code.
31 New US$15
Sprague 6600uF/12VDC 674D324 6,600uF 12V, Sprague 674D324, 3 lead low ESR PC style.
69 New US$8
290-0636-00  7,500uF/25V 290-0636-00 7,500uF 25V, AeroM, PFP type, with PC pins, late date code
38 New US$15
8800uF 8,800uF 40V 3 Used US$10
9600uF 290-0506-00 9600uF 30V SORRY, SOLD New US$15
10000uF 290-0645-00 10,000uF 12V SORRY, SOLD New US$12
10,000uf/50v 10,000uF 50V 85C Axial, Sprague 53D. SORRY, SOLD New US$15
290-0508-00  18,000uF/15V 290-0508-00 18,000uF 15V 85C FP type with PC pins, Sprague 68D type. SORRY, SOLD New US$18
290-0508-01  18,000uF/15V 290-0508-01 18,000uF 15V 85C FP type with PC pins, United Chemicon, late date code. SORRY, SOLD New US$18
290-0810-00  18,000uf/25VDC 290-0810-00 18,000uF 25V 85C FP type with PC pins, Mepco/Electra 87F2076BA4, sealed bottom, insulated can. 80'S DATE CODES, BUT Every part formed/tested on our Sencore LC53 AT FULL OPERATING VOLTAGE, guaranteed good, 4.5" long over-all, excluding pins. SORRY, SOLD New US$15

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