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A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, useful metrology information, and of course, SLIDE RULES!

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These parts indexes show both the picture and equivalent part number (where known),
and are parts we currently have in stock.
In addition, there is a list style cross-reference below, for faster look up of raw numbers.
It covers transistors, diodes and integrated circuits.

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Tek Part Number Type Polarity Specs Equivalent Part Number
151-0087-00 Si 2N1131
151-0096-00 Si Selected 2N1893
151-0103-00 Si 2N2219
151-0104-00 Si 2N2919
151-0108-00 Si 2N2501
151-0109-00 Si NPN Selected 2N918
151-0121-00 Si Selected 2N3118
151-0124-00 Si Selected 2N3119
151-0126-00 Si 2N2484
151-0127-00 Si NPN Selected 2N2369
151-0133-00 Si Selected 2N3251
151-0134-00 Si PNP 2N2905
151-0136-00 Si 2N3053
151-0140-00 Si NPN Selected 2N3055
151-0142-00 Si Selected 2N3546
151-0148-00 Si NPNSelectedRCA 40250
151-0149-00 Si 2N3441
151-0150-00 Si 2N3440
151-0157-00 Si RCA 40232
151-0169-00 Si 2N3439
151-0188-00 Si PNP 2N3906
151-0190-00 Si NPN 2N3904
151-0195-00 Si MPS6515
151-0196-00 Si RCA40256
151-0199-00 Si MPS3640
151-0201-00 Si 2N3739
151-0202-00 Si 2N4261
151-0207-00 Si NPN2N3415
151-0208-00 Si PNP 2N4036
151-0209-00 Si NPN Selected 2N3442
151-0210-00 Si NPNSelectedRCA 40222
151-0211-00 Si Selected 2N3866
151-0216-00 Si PNP MPS6523
151-0219-00 Si PNP SS22650
2N4250 Ok sub.
151-0220-00 Si 2N4122
151-0221-00 Si 2N4258
151-0222-00 Si Selected 2N4251
151-0223-00 Si 2N4275
151-0224-00 Si 2N3692
151-0225-00 Si NPN 2N3563
151-0226-00 Si NPN2N3767
151-0227-00 Si PNP2N3741
151-0250-00 Si NPN2N5184
151-0251-00 Si 2N4240
151-0254-00 Si NPN 2N5308
151-0260-00 Si NPN2N5189
151-0273-00 Si NPN2N5249
151-0301-00 Si PNP 2N2907A
151-0302-00 Si NPN 2N2222A
151-0337-00 Si NPN2N3055 Ok Sub.
151-0341-00 Si NPN 2N3565
151-0342-00 Si PNP 2N4249
151-0347-00 Si NPN 2N5551
151-0361-00 Si NPN/PNPDualSprague TD702
151-0441-00 Si NPN 2N2857
151-0462-00 Si PNP Pwr Tran. TIP30C
151-0508-00 Si NPUJT 2N6027
151-1004-00 Si N-ch JFET U1489
151-1006-00 Si N-ch Dual JFET FN686
151-1011-00 Si N-ch Dual JFET FD1167
151-1032-00 Si Dual JFET Sim to Siliconix 2N5911
153-0596-00 Si NPN 2N3563



Tek Part Number Type Family Specs Equivalent Part Number
152-0024-00 Zener Diode 1W/15V 5% 1N3024B
152-0031-00 Zener Diode 0.25W/15V 1N718A
152-0060-00 Zener Diode 1W/20V/10% 1N3027A
152-0066-00 Si Rect 400PIV/0.75A LG4016


152-0075-00 Ge Diode Tek spec
152-0076-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/3V/ 1N4372
152-0081-00 Tunnel Diode 2.2ma/10% 1N3714
152-0101-00 Zener Diode 1W/75V/5% 1N3041B
152-0107-00 Si Rect 400PIV/0.4A G727
152-0120-00 Zener Diode 1W/10V/5% 1N3020B
152-0141-00 Si Diode 30PIV/150ma 1N3605


152-0149-00 Si Zener 0.4W/10V 5% 1N961B
152-0153-00 Si Diode 1N4244
152-0166-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/6.2V 1N753A
152-0170-00 Si Diode 1N4441
152-0181-00 Tunnel Diode 1ma/2.5% 1N3713
152-0182-00 Tunnel Diode 10ma/2.5% 1N3719
152-0185-00 Si Diode 1N3605


152-0192-00 Si HV Rectifier5000V 50mA, 13Vfwd (cannot be tested with conventional ohmmeter due to high Vfwd)Varo VF-5X-1 or 7701-54
152-0195-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/5.1V 1N751A
152-0198-00 Si Rect 200PIV/3A 1N5624
152-0199-00 Si Rect.
Motorola MDA-942-3
152-0212-00 Zener Diode 9V/5% TC 1N936
152-0215-00 Zener Diode 1W/75V 1N3041B
152-0218-00 Si Rect 10KV/20ma
152-0240-00 Zener Diode 5W/150V/10% UZ5215
152-0243-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/15V 5%
152-0255-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/51V
152-0268-00 Si Zener 0.4W/56V 5% 1N979B
152-0278-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/3V 1N4572A
152-0282-00 Si Zener 0.4W/30V 5% 1N972B
152-0291-00 Zener Diode 1W/20V/5% 1N3027B
152-0310-00 Tunnel Diode 5ma/+/-1ma 1N3758
152-0400-00 Si Rect 400PIV/1A
152-0408-00 Si Rect 10KV/5ma
152-0461-00 Zener Diode 0.4W/6.2V 5% TC 1N821
152-0655-00 Si Rect 100PIV/3A A115AX39
152-0686-00 Si Rect 100PIV/5A SR3273


Tek Part Number Type Family Specs Equivalent Part Number
155-0042-03 Lin cust Tek Miller Int/Delay None
155-0049-01 Lin cust Tek Sweep Control None
155-0055-00 Lin cust Tek Trig. Sweep None
155-0078-0X Lin cust Tek Vert. Amp None
156-0030-00 TTL Quad NAND SN7400N
156-0039-00 TTL Dual JK FF SN7473N
156-0041-00 TTL Dual D FF SN7474N
156-0042-00 TTL Dual JK FF SN7476N
156-0043-00 TTL Quad NOR SN7425N
156-0047-00 TTL Triple NAND SN7410N
156-0048-00 Lin NPN 5 NPN Transistors CA3046
156-0057-00 TTL Quad NAND SN7401N
156-0058-00 TTL Hex Inv SN7404N
156-0067-00 Lin Op Amp MC1741CP1
156-0071-00 Lin Volt. Regulator MC1723CL


156-0079-00 TTL Decade Ctr. SN7490N
156-0100-00 TTL H JK FF SN74H102
156-0105-00 Lin Op Amp LM301AN
156-0118-00 TTL S Dual JK FF SN74S112N
156-0128-00 TTL BCD-7 Seg Decoder SN7447N
156-0174-00 TTL Dual JK FF SN74111N
156-0198-00 Quad Latch MC4053P
156-0204-00 ECL Dual 275MHz Latch MC1669L
156-0205-00 ECL Quad NOR MC10102L
156-0277-00 Lin + +5V Regulator uA7805UC
156-0312-00 Lin + +15V Regulator LM340T-15
156-0411-00 Lin Quad Comparator LM339N
156-0402-00 Lin Timer LM555CN
156-0854-00 Lin Op Amp LM308AN
156-0872-00 Lin - -15V Regulator MC7915C
156-0886-02 CMOS C BCD-7 Seg Decoder MM74C48-JA (sel.)
156-1134-00 Lin Op Amp CA3140EX
156-1156-00 Lin Op Amp LF356N

More great web resources for Tek Parts data:
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Try Searching Bill and Stan's site:
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Got a BIG PIPE?? Thanks to the kindness of Dave Miller, (AA4DF), you can download the exhaustive (27Mb) semiconductor design data catalog from Tek, which covers 151, 152, 153, 155, 156 and 160 parts, plus lamps and other goodies. This has an index in both directions (commercial number to Tek, and vice-versa), and FULL device data. A genuine treasure, that many charge big dollars for, but he has agreed to let us host it here for you free.
PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO THIS FILE (download and store it locally), or attempt to resell this information. The information is provided free for your personal use, or to provide to others at no charge, but all other uses are expressly prohbited, and the files are digitally signed. Please use this in the spirit it was intended for. Expect a boatload of bad Karma if you do the wrong thing.
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