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Tektronix 348 Series Feet + Newly Designed Replacements
Original Feet The rear feet on the Tektronix 465/475 series of portables have been an ongoing problem. These now fairly aged plastic parts fail due to mechanical stress and material breakdown. The easily broken rear foot (which also serves as the cord-wrap feature), is Tektronix p/n 348-0339-00, and is secured by a 1 inch long philips 8/32 screw, p/n 212-0020-00. Four of these go on the rear of each scope in this series, and they also help secure the internal scope to the outer cover via the back ring. When these are broken, the attached power cord dangles loose below the scope in transit, and the scope cannot be used vertically. While not an earth shattering problem, it is a significant nuisance to many, and has without a good solution until now.

With the help of aerospace mechanical friends at Helimec, Sphere has come up with a drop in fix for this problem that replaces the old foot, while adding more mechanical strength, and allows an optional anti-slip feature to be installed. The design time and cost was donated to the Tek community to allow these great instruments to stay in service. The cost of the set of replacement feet is the actual raw material cost plus 10 percent to allow recovery of parts and material shipping and ordering. The new foot is made of ABS, the screw is a mil-spec passivated steel screw (2 inches long), and the anti-skid insert is rubber. You can see full details of the new design below.

Old Foot- New FootUnlike the original design, the new foot is solid throughout, with no fragile hollow walls, and supported by the screw the entire distance. The top flange is thicker, and all the fine cord retention details and features are faithfully retained. The new foot works just like the original one, but is slightly longer, and normally all four feet are replaced as one set to insure the scope sits level when vertical.

Because these were created to allow us to restore instruments, we will have some used original Tek 348-0339-00 feet available as well which we will post here. There will not be too many of these, and we will offer only those in good condition. We will also post all the other Tek equipment feet we get to this same page for your convenience. Both the original and new feet are made in the USA.

You can order anything here just by picking up the phone, and calling (250) 769-1834 during normal office hours, 8:30AM to 4:30PM PST, OR, Email your order to Susan CLICKHERE.

Shipping*SHIPPING: Preferred and Alternate Methods OR CLICK for FULL DETAILS ON OUR FAQ Page. Rates are now changing rapidly, often with little notice to us, so all the data has been transferred to the FAQ page for speedy updating.

* E-Mail Susan if you want a quote for shipping to other destinations, or for something heavy. Sorry, we can't safely send most individual small parts in a regular letter envelope, they get destroyed by the automated handling equipment. Sometimes we can ship very rugged parts in a small padded envelope by letter post. Ask Susan.

*If we have your valid data on file, you can just click on the ORDER email link to place an order and indicate your approval to bill, and we will do the rest. We keep your active information for ONE YEAR for your convenience.

*If this is the first time you have dealt with us, you can phone +1 (250) 769-1834 to supply the billing info, or send it by the email link, as you prefer. We accept VISA/MC, international money order, Paypal (to Susan@Okanagan.net), and bank wire transfer. Please note that there are transaction fees with Paypal and wire transfer payments, the wire transfer fee is frankly horrifying.

We accept VISA/MC or international money order

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Newly Designed Replacement Feet (delivery is 30 days ARO)
Helimec 339 Foot Kit
CLICK for bigger Pic
CLICK for bigger Pic

New Foot on 465B with Cord
CLICK for bigger Pic


The Helimec 339 Rear Foot is a replacement for the Tek 348-0339-00 foot and 212-0020-00 screw. One kit (4 Feet, 4 Screws, 4 Anti-skid bumpers) replaces one set of 4 Tek feet and screws directly. The anti-skid rubber insert is not mandatory, but provides a replaceable wear surface, and significantly increases the instruments stability when operated vertically. These are normally ordered and replaced as a set of 4. Due to a slight height difference, single replacements would make the scope sit unevenly, and are NOT recommended. An END VIEW, old on the left, new on the right and below.
Installed Pictures (465B) (CLICK for bigger Pics)
New Foot with anti-skid bumper on 465BNew Foot with no bumper and cord on 465B
Original Foot Pictures (465B) (CLICK for bigger Pics)
Original Foot, 465B

Price: US$39 for set of 4


Original Tek Feet (In Stock as noted)
Tek 348-0080-01
348-0080-01, CLICK for a bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger Pic

These are NEW, late production Tek 348-0080-01 bottom feet. These are in very limited supply, and no more than 4 can be sent to any one customer. These have a captive nuts. These are sold BY EACH FOOT. These can be shipped very cheaply in a padded bag. NEW

Have: 4
Price: US$5 Each

Tek 348-0272-00
348-0272-00, CLICK for Bigger PIC!
CLICK for bigger Pic

These are NEW, Tek 348-0272-00 rear feet. These are in very limited supply, and no more than 4 can be sent to any one customer. These are incredibly tough, and I think are used in the 434. These are sold BY EACH FOOT. NEW

Have: 5
Price: US$15 Each

Tek 348-0339-00
Tek 348-0339-00 Foot (used)

These are used, clean Tek 348-0339-00 rear feet and may or may not also have 212-0020-00 screws. These are in very limited supply, and no more than 4 can be sent to any one customer. We have these only when we have scrapped a scope or exchanged feet with our new Helimec feet above and have good feet left to offer. These are sold BY EACH FOOT.
348-0339-00 Foot Pictures (465B) (CLICK for bigger Pics)
Original Foot, 465B
Price: US$12 Each

Tek 348-0420-01
348-0420-01, CLICK for Bigger Pic!
CLICK for bigger Pic

These are NEW, Tek 348-0420-01 back bumpers. These are used on the back of later scopes. These are sold BY EACH BUMPER. NEW

Have: 26
Price: US$10 Each

Tek 384 7K Feet
384 Feet, CLICK for Bigger PIC!

These are used, clean Tek 348-series botton feet from (I think) 7K series scopes and some related chassis items. The foot is a hard plastic, with a rubber insert for the non-skid surface, and has two screw holes for mounting. These may have right/left orientation, as I see they have tilt bale inserts. I have some hardware for these too. I will try and find the correct part number. These are sold BY EACH FOOT. Have: 4
Price: US$10 Each


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