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A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, useful metrology information, and of course, SLIDE RULES!

Oh, Canada...
Slide Rule Universe Reviews and Commentary
Slide Rule Universe Reviews and Commentary
February 18, 2003
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Nice article about us and the slide rule community in the Wall Street Journal,
first page, no less. CLICK to see! (link by permission of the WSJ)

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The Retailer of the Lost Electronics Ark
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Nice article about us in the 2007 November IEEE Spectrum on-line, CLLICK to see!

Selected as a Learning Kingdom's
Cool Site of the Day, October 9, 1998

The SRU is featured in the November 1998 issue of WIRED Magazine, page 191.

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See the May, 2000 article about slide rules,
collecting and us.
Here are the locally stored pages scanned from the issue, PAGE 1, PAGE 2.
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Featured in Drexel's Math Newsletter
Nov. 19/2001

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Featured in the CIRCUITS
section of the New York Times,
June 17, 1999
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Here's the scanned article copy

Click for ABC show outlineFeatured on ABC-TV World News Tonight
With Peter Jennings, DECEMBER 13, 1999
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Included by NetMOM in the 4th and upcoming 5th edition of 'The Internet Kids + Family Yellow Pages'

Here's some current articles and TV clips about the Slide Rule Universe and slide rules. Have a look if you are curious.

ARRL, CLICK to visit!
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Sphere and the SRU at the ARRL website.

Bill Nye calculating his gas mileage using a specially modified Pickett 160 from the SRUHappy to be slide rule suppliers to Bill Nye!
The SRU is happy to be the slide rule supplier to Bill Nye, the Science Guy! ®
Click to see Bill's custom Pickett he dreamed up.
Click to see Bill's custom Pickett he dreamed up.

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