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Sphere Research Corporation
3394 Sunnyside Rd.
West Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Z 2V4
Phone: +1 (250) 769-1834
FAX:+1 (250) 769-4106

A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, useful metrology information, and of course, SLIDE RULES!

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The Slide Rule Universe
All kinds of reference information.
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*Buying and Selling Slide Rules*

To make your life easier, and help you find exactly what you want, we have broken the on-line slide rule catalogs into smaller sections. Just CLICK on the PICTURE below of the slide rule you are looking for, to see the related catalog. You can order any slide rule here just by picking up the phone, and calling (250) 769-1834 during normal office hours, PST. We process VISA/MC orders immediately.
WE accept Visa and Master Card
You can also send your order data by email (if you think it's safe), or by FAX at: (250) 769-4106. You can also place your order, and send in the payment by mail.
Please note, we can't quote a price without a picture! NO marked or 'named' rules or cases, or damaged rules, PLEASE!
Quick LinksSlide Rules for Sale! Sorted by Type
We still have new in the box slide rules available!, CLICK to see!
Click to see New Hemmi, Faber Castell, Ricoh and others

Click to see New Picketts!
Click to see New Pickett Rules


Fresh off the WAYBACK machine. Just a few. Amazing, but true, we still have BRAND NEW slide rules. These are disappearing quickly. We have so many different kinds just now, we have split them into Pickett and Non-Pickett pages, for quicker viewing.

Don't miss your chance
to get a brand new rule!

just as they looked in 1972. When these last few lots disappear, we do not expect to ever see any more at these very low prices. We have pooled resources from collectors all over the world to bring you this rich and varied assortment, but for many types, the quantities are low, and they will soon be gone forever. Featuring POST, PICKETT, UNIQUE, DIETZGEN, BLUNDELL. Note, also see the CIRCULAR section for more NEW circular rules.
See the POCKET section for more NEW Pocket Rules.

Click to SEE Circular Rules
The always elusive circular rules, fascinating, but they just don't last very long. Just a few new ones still available from Concise/Sama + Etani and Hemmi. Don't miss this unusual find!
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*ON-LINE SLIDE RULE AUCTIONA monthly SR Universe feature, this site has slide rules and other related treats for auction. Fascinating and fun, could be your chance to get a fabulous treat for only a song. Duke it out over the net.

NEW Auction twice a year, for the local Food Bank!

Click to SEE Pocket Rules
My favorite - computing pocket rockets. Small and elegant rules with lots of power. This section changes frequently, and we often have a pocket rule in the AUCTION, or in the PICKETT NEW IN BOX section as well. There are both new and used rules here.
CLICK to see great overhauled full size slide rules
CLICK to see great overhauled full size slide rules
Click to SEE Full Size Rules
Powerhouse 10" duplex rules to Mannheims. Great working or collecting rules in the standard full size format. Deci-lons, Versalogs, Deci-trigs and Polyphase rules live here. These rules are not new, but are cleaned, overhauled and restored as needed, and in very good condition. Find the rule you used to have in school!
*Click to SEE Exotic Rules
You just never know what you may find here.
Giant 20" Rules, and unusual special functions and seldom seen manufacturers from all over the world.
Many unusual and unique items for those tired of just C and D scales.

Click to see the drawing and measuring tools!
Click to SEE Drawing and Measuring Tools
*Drawing and Measuring Tools
All kinds of fascinating items from Rapidograph and Leroy pens to chain rules, Lufkin caliper-rules, compass sets and architectural templates. Too interesting to miss! Makes like Koh-i-noor, K+E, POST, Dietzgen, Lufkin, Charvois, Pickett, Lietz and more.
CLICK to see New Slide Rule Cases
Click to SEE New Slide Rule Cases + Pins
Need a new case for that slide rule? We have had custom cases made that fit most duplex and mannheim rules, and offer far more protection and wear resistance than the original factory cases. Have a look!

Click to see the Repair Parts
Click to SEE Repair Parts
We finally have a good selection of repair parts for both sale and trade! Fix that sad, busted rule, and make it look new again. Got some extra parts to put in the exchange pool?
CLICK to see the cheap rules!
CLICK to see the cheap rules!
Click to SEE Cheap Rules
Inexpensive slide rules for training or collecting. Great first rules for bargain prices. These come and go very quickly, so check here regularly to see what's in stock. Need something simple and inexpensive to get started, or just to see how they work? This is the place! We had over 1,500 last year, just a few hundred left.
CLICK to see the books in stock
Click to SEE Slide Rule Books
Quality slide rule books and manuals. We also have unlisted K+E soft cover manuals for some rules, ask about one with a slide rule! (NOT sold separately). Lots of new Faber-Castell and Hemmi vintage manuals, including some rare ones just in! We have MANY new books coming, email in your requests.

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CLICK HERELearn to operate and care for your slide rule with these on line manuals and directions. Learn what scales mean, how to use them and how to restore or keep your rule in good condition.
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CLICK HERETour our extensive archives of slide rule manufacturers and models from all over the world. Find out who made what, and what became of them after they stopped making slide rules. See how slide rules survive today in the form of slide charts still made in the millions annually.
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CLICK HEREVisit other slide rule places on the web with more slide rule data and information. From personal collections on line to (yes, it's really true) the international slide rule owners and collectors organization, the Oughtred Society.
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