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A great source for test equipment, repairs, calibrations, useful metrology information, and of course, SLIDE RULES!

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Manufacturer Sub-sections General Information
CLICK to see TEKTRONIX Equipment
CLICK to see TEKTRONIX Equipment
Used Tektronix

Go to the Tek EquipmentUsed Equipment

Go to the Tek Cross-reference DataTek to Industry Cross-Ref Data

Go to the Tek CRT DataSpare CRTs/LCDs & Data

Go to the Tek PartsSpare Parts Index + 119-Series Attenuators

New Section!
Go to the Service Info!Tek Service Info
*We have 400 and 2000 series Scopes, 5K, 7K, 11K modules, TM500, TM5000 Modular Equipment. PLUS: MANY NEW AND USED/TESTED Tektronix Spare Parts HERE. Parts are being constantly updated with new items! The Tek semiconductor Cross-Reference is HERE check the parts stock (below) as well for more cross-ref data! We have also just added a Service Page, with all kinds of links and tips for servicing your Tek scopes.

Tek Parts in Stock (by p/n):
[119 / Fans]   [119 / LCDs]    [120 / Transformers, Inductors]

[147 / Fans]    [148 / Relays]    [150 / Lamps, LEDs]

[151 / Transistors]   [152 / Diodes]    [153 / Selected Semis]

[119/154 / CRTs / LCDs]   [155/165/234 / Custom ICs]

[156 / Standard ICs]    [159 / Fuses]    [160 / Programmed ICs]

[260 / Switches]    [281/285/290 / Capacitors]

[307/311 / Pots-Networks]    [331/366/376/384 / Knobs. Couplers]

[200/334/337/367/378 / Trim, CRT Filters, Case Parts]

[670 / Boards, Assemblies]   [384 / Tek Feet and New Replacements]
Hewlett Packard
CLICK to see Hewlett-Packard EquipmentCLICK to see Hewlett-Packard Equipment
Used HP

Go to the HP EquipmentUsed Equipment

Go to the HP Cross-reference DataHP to Industry Number Cross-Ref Data

Go to the HP CRT DataSpare CRTs & LEDs

Go to the HP PartsSpare Parts

New Section!
Go to the Service Info!HP Service Info
*Oscilloscopes, Oscillators, Attenuators, Generators, Microwave Amplifiers, Meters, RF Power Meters and GPIB/IEEE488 cables and extenders. We also have new and salvaged Spare Parts.
We also have an extensive HP semiconductor Cross-Reference on line, and a new cross-reference section with HP Nixie Tubes and Panaplex Displays (bottom of the page). This allows you to find the 1N, 2N or other industry standard part number for house marked HP semiconductors. Great for 'out of support' equipment! We also have Spare HP CRTs and LEDs and model reference data located here.

HP Parts in Stock (by p/n):

[181X / 1NB / 1KB / 508X- / Integrated Circuits]

[182X / Integrated Circuits]

[185X / Transistors/FETs]    [19XX / Diodes/LEDs/Rectifiers]

[0490 / 2140 / 91XX / Relays/Lamps/Transformers/Passive Parts]

[ALL / Mechanical/Knob/Trim Parts]

[ALL / Boards/Modules]    [5082 / HP LEDs]   [5083 / HP CRTs]

CLICK to see FLUKE Equipment
Used Fluke/Philips Eqpt.

Go to the Fluke EquipmentUsed Equipment

Go to the Fluke PartsSpare Parts

Go to the Fluke/Philips CRT DataSpare CRTs & Data
*Meters, Calibrators, Scopes, Reference Standards, and Spare Parts. Both classic and modern Fluke items, plus equipment from the Fluke/Phillips era. Fluke makes some of the best DMMs ever, we have a good inventory of constantly changing, fully calibrated selections. We now have some highly requested Fluke LCD DMM displays in stock for spares!
We also have the very popular Philips Scopes, both the razor sharp analog scopes, and the very popular digital/analog Combi-Scopes.

General Radio
CLICK to see GENRAD Equipment
CLICK to see GENRAD Equipment
Used General Radio
(Genrad) Equipment

Go to the GenRad EquipmentUsed Equipment
*General Radio / GenRad Reference Standards, Generators, Dividers, Wattmeters, Attenuators.
Just arrived, more 1840A Power Meters! Fully overhauled and cal'd.

The classic equipment from GenRad remains a first choice by many for passive standards, power measurement, bridges and component measurement. The company is now gone, but you can still get some of their unique and incredibly well-built equipment here!
CLICK to see RF/Function Generators

GoRF/Function Generators
* RF and Function Generators of all kinds, including sweeping generators. We have equipment from Wavetek/PMI, and many others.

CLICK to see Microwave/RF Equipment

GoMicrowave / RF Equipment
Go50 Ohm RF Loads
* RF Voltmeters, Directional Couplers, precision 50 Ohm RF loads and attenuators, RF generators. Items to 18Ghz, plus you can email your RF specific requests, as we have MANY MORE RF items not on the site..
Narda, RLC, ARRA, Bird, Inmet, Weinschel, Alan, Wavetek/PMI
Power Meters

RF Powermeters, CLICK to SEE!

GoMicrowave / RF Power Measuring Equipment

GoRF Millivoltmeters
* RF power meters, RF Millivoltmeters and Microwattmeters, both digital and analog. Items to 26.5Ghz. Makers like Boonton, Wavetek/PMI, HP and others. Popular power measuring systems like the Boonton 42 and 92 Families, PMI/Wavetek 1045, HP 436A and HP 432A are in this section.
Used with sweep generators, directional couplers and attenuators, these instruments can measure power, loss, return loss, frequency response, and other S-parameters. Systems like the 436A and 1045 have many automation features to speed up complex network measurements and correct for system offsets and losses. When these systems drive a CRT display instead of a meter, and track frequency vs. power, they are called Scalar Analyzers.
PMI/Wavetek  -  Boonton  -  HP
Scalar Analyzers
Analyzers, CLICK to SEE!

GoScalar + Vector Analyzers
* RF Scalar Analyzers, both digital and analog. Items to 26.5Ghz. Makers like Wavetek/PMI, HP and others. Popular analyzers including the PMI/Wavetek 1038-D14/A Series, plus accessories, plug-ins and other systems.
Used with sweep generators (like the HP 8620C, Weinschel 430 series or Wiltron 610D), directional couplers and attenuators, these instruments can measure and display power, gain, loss, return loss, frequency response, and other S-parameters over the frequency range of the sweeper. Can also be used to graphically display RF power at any node.
PMI/Wavetek  -  HP

CLICK to go to the Power Supplies

GoPower Supplies
*Power Supplies of all kinds, modular, lab bench supplies and heavy duty rack types. Makers like HP, Lambda, Kepco, Beckman Industrial, Isoreg, Power One, Vicor and others. Please note, small Wall Wart power supplies have their own section!
Lambda  -  Kepco  -  HP
Wall Warts
Line Cords

CLICK to go to the Wall Warts and Line Cords
External Power Supplies

GoExternal Power Supplies

GoAC Line Cords
+IEC Connectors
*External Power Supplies of all kinds, from the lowly unregulated wallwarts, to advanced world-power universal switchers with popular values like 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC and others, plus all kinds of AC Line Cords and mating IEC connectors, including IEC 320 C5, C7, C13 and C14 types, and the special old stype HP (Freiden) type power cords.
POTRANS, Tiger, Delta, OEM, Volex, I-Sheng, Schurter
Supply Parts

CLICK to go to the Power Supply Parts

GoPower Supply Parts
GoRegulator ICs
GoHeat Sinks
*Power Supply Service and Construction Parts, A wide cross-section of all power supply parts from Electrolytic Capacitors, Rectifiers and Bridges to IC Regulators. Great mixture of parts you will need to fix almost any power supply. All premium high quality parts, no junk here.
Philips, Murata, CDE, National Semiconductor, United Chemi-con, Nichicon, Motorola, GI, Rubycon
High Voltage

CLICK to see HV items!

GoHV Rectifiers
GoHV Capacitors
GoHV Supplies
*High Voltage Components and Power Supplies, everything rated 600VDC volts and higher, from capacitors and high voltage rectifiers to HV bench supplies. Also have HV multipliers and flybacks. More items will be added continuously, so check back to see what's new.
TRW, ASC, Varo, CDE, Motorola, Kepco, WIMA, Bertran
AC Line Filters
AC Line filters, CLICK to see!

Ac Line FiltersAC Line Filters
*We have a wide assortment of AC line entry filters, with CSA/UL approvals for main power entry and conditioning. Some units also have fuse holders and power switches, others are line entry only.
Delta Electronics, Schaffner and others
12VDC Fans
FANS, CLICK to see!

Fans5VDC Fans

Fans12VDC Fans

Fans24/48VDC Fans

Go to FANSAC Fans
*We have thousands of fans and blowers for equipment overhaul, both AC and DC types in all sizes. Some very nice and hard to find units here, more constantly being added every week. Now split into 4 pages, AC and 5, 12 and 24/48DC fans, for easier and faster searching. Fans are sorted in order by voltage/size and maker to make substitution easier.
DC: 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC & 48VDC
AC: 115VAC, 220/230VAC
Comair/Rotron, ADDA, Sunon, TRW, Delta Electronics, NIDEC, Mechatronics, Fonsan, Superred, Interfan, Panasonic, Unicom, Sanyo Denki, Agilent, PSC, Howard, PAPST, AVC, Y. S. Tech, NMB
CLICK to see the Meggers
CLICK to see the Meggers
Insulation Testers

Go to meggersMeggers / Insulation / Dielectric Strength Testers
* High Voltage/Dielectric Strength test sets of all kinds, for both leakage and resistance measurements. AC and DC types.
Biddle, Associated Research, Inc. (AR), Criterion Instruments, Amprobe, CRI/Canadian Research Institute, Rod-L, General Radio
CLICK to see Loads!
CLICK to see Loads!
Resistive and Dynamic Loads

Go to the LoadsResistive Loads
Go to the LoadsDynamic Loads
CLICK to see!
Go to the LoadsPower Resistors
Go to the LoadsRheostats
* All kinds of precision power loads, including power resistors, rheostats, and electronic/dynamic loads.

Great for power supply, amplifier and other load testing. Always rapidly changing inventory, so check often! PLUS, we now have BIDDLE Lubri-tact adjustable loads, many values available, all fully overhauled and ready for use.

Ohmite, IRC, Biddle, Caddock, Arcol, Cal-R, ACDC Electronics, Vishay/Dale, Clarostat
CLICK to see the robotics stuff!
Motors, Drivers, etc.

Go to the LoadsMotors
Go to the LoadsElectromechanical Items
Go to RoboticsControl ICs
* Here's our stash of amazing electromechanical items, including DC gearmotors, steppers, specialized motor driver and high power amp ICs and even a few classic Robby the Robot items sometimes, just for fun. All kinds of automation and robotic items for your viewing pleasure.
Merkle-Korff, Pittman, Toshiba, VBM
CLICK to visit Precision References
Precision References

Go to referencesPrecision References
Go to referencesCalibrators/Standards
* All kinds of precision standards for calibration, from voltage and frequency to resistance and capacitance, all fully overhauled and ready for use. Also low cost precision passive components to use as secondary shop standards. Note: General Radio standards are still in the General Radio section.
EDC, Vectron, Leeds and Northrup, PRC, ESI, Vishay

CLICK to see the manuals in stock

Go to manualsManuals
*New and reprinted equipment service manuals. We got so many requests, we started ordering in some extras for customers, and now have a good selection to choose from.
Tektronix, HP, Fluke, PMI/Wavetek, Philips
CLICK to visit TOOLS!
Production Tools & Supplies

Go to toolsProduction Tools & Supplies
* A new section with all kinds of electronic assembly hand tools, connector tools, scalpels, special drills, and other electronic production tools and aids of all types. Many exotic aerospace items, and hard to find tools, plus CARBIDE DRILL BITS for PCB making. Also production supplies like heat sink grease, lacing tape, and wire. More will be added regularly, so check back often. Both new and used items as we find them. Now, assembly supplies are also listed.
Xuron, DMC, UVEX, Electrix, Dow, Petsche
CLICK for Databooks and Textbooks
Databooks, Textbooks & Catalogs

Go to Our booksDatabooks, Textbooks & Catalogs
* Important electronic component databooks and industry textbooks of all kinds, which are disappearing in printed form. Everything from GE's classic Transistor manual to PAL and microprocessor books, tons of Motorola classic databooks, Texas Instruments (TI) databook sets, almost impossible to find!.
Just added, Tektronix, HP, Fluke and other equipment CATALOGS! Great reference material for identifying instruments and finding specs.
Test Leads and Cables
CLICK to see the Test Cables

Go to Our cablesTest Cables
*Test leads and coax cables for all kinds of test equipment applications. Constantly varying assortment, have a look. Replacement leads for your DMM and much more. Line cords, Computer and Ethernet Cables.

Go to Our FAQOur FAQ
*Some very useful company history and general information about our new and used test equipment. Check the FAQ for general privacy info, shipping, and other useful information abotu us.
You can E-mail an order to us OrderHERE.   Call us! Or call +1 (250) 769-1834
There is no minimum order here, BUT, there is a minimum shipping/handling charge to ship by Expresspost (airmail insured) or small packet. You can see all charges in the FAQ section. Please do not ask to ship uninsured as it merely tempts fate in an unwanted way.
Parts by the Foot!
See Parts by the foot!
Parts by the Foot, CLICK to see!
CLICK to see!
Prime Electronic Parts by the Foot!
Parts By the Foot
Transistors, LEDs, Rectifiers, Capacitors, Chokes and Diodes, as little as 8 cents each!
Great deals on popular service and experimenter's parts, now you can buy them the way large manufacturers do, in bulk tape and reel, at rock bottom prices. These parts are sold by the foot. Yes, we are metric in Canada, but this is really the appropriate size for most people, and 30.48 cm just doesn't have the same marketing ring to it!
0.5kg of Goodness
CLICK to see what's INSIDE!
CLICK to look INSIDE the Bag!
Wahoo, Electronic Grab bags are BACK!
We keep accumulating miscellaneous parts that are extras, come with bigger lots, and are being purged from our stock. At the same time, many people grumble about paying the minimum shipping charge when they ship something small. Well, we have the technology to solve this problem. We will add a 0.5kg (roughly 1 Pound) grab bag of new parts (mainly, there might be the odd pulled or used but useful item) to fill up the extra weight in your shipment! Some of the material is pretty spectacular, you will certainly get good value for your money. They include resistors, capacitors, ICs, chokes, semiconductors, switches, assemblies, and all kinds of mystery items, NO TWO BAGS ARE ALIKE. We have four categories, electronic parts, mechanical/hardware, vacuum tubes (will be some used types in every bag), and connectors/cables. Any type, US$15.
CHECK OUT OUR HOT DEALS SECTION Go to the HOT Deals!Go to the HOT Deals!Go to the HOT Deals! FOR BARGAINS
Got questions, comments, need information, or want something?E-mail us
Tubes, Semiconductors and Parts of All Kinds
Parts Sub-sections General Information
CLICK to see Nixies!
CLICK to go to the Nixie Tubes
Nixies & Numitrons
Go to the Nixie/Numitron StockNixies

Go to the Numitron StockNumitrons/Dekatrons

Go to the Numitron StockLCDs/Panaplex/VFD

Go to the Nixie Reference DataReference Data
*Burroughs, National, Amperex and Philips NIXIE TUBES, SOCKETS, Tung Sol DIGIVAC VFD Tubes, British Dekatrons, RCA NUMITRONS, Beckman, Sperry, Babcock Panaplex displays and all kinds of FIP and LCD displays, now all split into different pages for faster loading! Hundreds of displays in stock of all kinds. New NIXIE DATA page with extensive original factory data, pinouts and operating information.
Go to the CRT's
Standard CRTs
Go to the Standard CRTsStandard CRTs (Numeric: 3BP1)

Go to the Standard CRTsStandard CRTs (Alphabetic: D7-32)

Go to the Tektronix CRTsTektronix CRTs

Go to the HP CRTsHP CRT's

Go to the PMTs and PhototubesCRT Ref. Data
*Tek, HP and other Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) of all kinds. Also includes model cross-reference data for HP and Tek, plus internal schematics for standard tubes. We have US, European and Japanese tubes in stock. Standard tubes now split into numeric (3BP1) and alphabetic (D7-32) sections for faster tube location. We have miniature 1 inch tubes up to 7 inch electrostatic tubes, plus up to 9 inch electromagnetic tubes and many odd styles and sizes in between. Extensive illustrated CRT reference data now added on line.
Vacuum Tubes
Go to the vacuum tubesUS Vacuum Tubes
0A2 to 6Z4

Go to the vacuum tubesUS Vacuum Tubes
7A4 to 9999

Go to the vacuum tubesEuro/Alpha Vacuum Tubes
EL84, etc.

Go to the vacuum tubesWE Vacuum Tubes
Western Electric
*Tube inventory to revive that old gear, plus links to other tube sites. Many new tubes added continually. Lamps and Amperite thermal tube-style time delay relays now added to the general tube index (by number). We have rare Audio, RF tubes, Tek and HP spare tubes, Compactrons, Nuvistors, Thyratrons, Transmitting, and Industrial tubes. Now lots of in box European tubes from Philips, Mullard, Telefunken, Mazda and others.

We have added an extensive Western Electric / Northern Electric tube section, full of hard to find classic audio and signal tubes.
CLICK to see!
Tube Circuit Parts
GoFilm Caps
*We have a nice assortment of higher voltage film caps and electrolytics, plus other tube circuit related parts. Getting very tough to find, these are all premium parts, perfect for Tube or Guitar amp repairs or construction.
CLICK to see PMT/Phototubes
PMT / Photomultiplier, Phototubes, Photodiodes
Go to the PMTs and PhototubesPMT's, Photodiodes & Phototubes
Go to the PMTs and PhototubesPMT & Phototube
*We have an extensive stock of rare photodetector & photomultiplier tubes, as well as photocells and photodiodes. Also detailed PMT, Phototube data on line!

Many new and used PMT/Photomultiplier tubes with EMI/Thorn, Philips, RCA, Amperex, Hamamatsu, SRC and others, up to 5 inch PMT tubes now available from stock. Photoconductive cells and photodiodes are also listed. Some specialized PMT sockets and power supplies are also now shown on this page for convenience.
Go to the Tube/Transistor/IC sockets
Tube, Transistor, IC Sockets
Go to the Sockets StockTube Sockets, Terminal Strips

Go to the Sockets StockNixie Sockets
Go to the Sockets StockIC/Transistor Sockets
*Cinch, Augat, RN, Cambion and others, all kinds of Tube, Transistor and IC sockets, including hard to find test sockets for circular and flat pack ICs. Also large 5 pin power tube sockets, nixie tube and nuvistor sockets, and many others! Just added, Terminal Blocks and Terminal Strips!
CLICK to see the LEDs and Lamps
LEDs & Lamps
Go to the Rf SemisLEDs, Lamps & Indicators NEW*We have a wide variety of LEDs (both CBI-circuit board indicator and loose types), LED displays, Incandescent Lamps, Lamp Holders and Indicators. We have very large quantities of some items. Includes parts by Dialight (Dialco), Lumileds, Oshino, GE, Sylvania, Philips, Temic, HP and many others.
CLICK to see the RF semis
Go to the Rf SemisRF Transistors/ICs

Go to the Rf SemisRF Diodes
*A huge range of RF power and signal transistors and ICs, MRA, SRF, and other power transistor series, plus parts to several GHz. Includes hard to find Motorola, TRW, Siliconix, Philips, Acrian, MSC, GHz Technology. Also diodes, modules, varactors, and other related RF specialty parts.
go to 1N/2N/3N parts
1N 2N 3N House
Number Semiconductors
Go to the 1N/2N/3N/HN Parts1N 2N 3N +House Number Semiconductors *All kinds of interesting military and industrial 1N/2N/3N JEDEC numbers, plus common house number series parts such as M, MJ, MJE, MPS, etc. Transistors, FETs, SCRs, Diodes, Zeners, Bridges and Rectifiers. We have thousands of new premium quality repair parts in stock.

Go to the Consumer Parts2S/STK/Other Consumer Semis *All kinds of interesting imported ICs and transistors for audio, video, switching, plus some ECG and NTE replacement parts, and STK audio amplifier and power supply modules. We have thousands of new premium quality repair parts in stock, including STK Hybrids, 2SA, 2SB, 2SC, 2SD and 2SK series discrete parts.
CLICK to see!
CLICK to see!
Go to the Consumer PartsECG / NTE Semis *All kinds of semiconductors from the universal NTE and ECG (now defunct) product lines. Covers literally every type of part, and many hard to find consumer audio IC parts. Includes all kinds of cross-reference links and downloads!
CLICK to see Electronic Hardware
Electronic Hardware
Go to the Electronic HardwareElectronic Hardware

Go to the Electronic HardwareHeatsinks
NEW*Nuts, Screws, Strain Reliefs, Clamps and Heatsinks. Everything mechanical for the electronic world, many fascinating things. Items from Aavid/Thermalloy, Philips, Heyco, C+K, Many others.
CLICK to see Handles and Rack Adaptors
Handles & Adaptors
Go to the Rf SemisHandles & Rack Mounting Adaptors NEW*Aluminum and Steel handles for rack panels and assemblies, plus HP/Agilent Rack Mounting Adaptors and Handle kits. Lots of variety, and new items added regularly. Items from RAF, Hammond, HP and Agilent.
CLICK to see the fuses and breakers
Fuses & Breakers
Go to the Rf SemisFuses, Fuseholders & Circuit Breakers NEW*We have deep stock of many kinds of miniature fuses (including solderable types and automotive pluggable styles), as well as fuseholders and circuit breakers. More items will be added continuously as stock is photographed for listings. Includes parts by Wickmann, Littelfuse, Airpax, Carlingswitch and many others.
Inductive parts, CLICK to Visit!
Chokes, Transformers
GoFerrite Beads
GoEMI Filters
*All kinds of inductive parts, from simple axial chokes to mil-spec toroids, audio and AC Power transformers. Also EMI filters, both Data and Line types. Makers include UTC, TRW, Toko, TDK, Neosid, Schaffner, Corcom, Pulse Engineering, Hammond, Triad, and many more.
Ferrite Beads! Ferrite Beads and snap-on Ferrite Filters!
Connectors, CLICK to see!
Go to the Rf SemisD-Sub Connectors
Go to the Rf SemisIDC Connectors
Go to the Rf SemisAudio Connectors
Go to the Rf SemisCoax Connectors
Go to the Rf SemisCircular Connectors
*Under Construction
Extensive connector inventory with D-Sub, 0.1 inch pitch, RCA/Phono and miniature IDC connectors, Audio, Coax, XLR and MS-Circular connectors. Just starting to fill the pages, check back regularly to see what's added!
CLICK for filters, crystals, oscillators and capacitors
RF Parts, Filters, Shields
Go to the Rf PartsRF Parts, Filters, Shields *All kinds of crystals, oscillators, capacitors and filters and shields. Everything from Collins mechanical filters, tubular bandpass and SAW filters to HF HV caps. Fascinating RF bits and pieces of all kinds.
CLICK to see the meters
Go to the MetersMeters *All kinds of meters, component, panel and portable meters (mechanical) of every kind, watch for regular additions! Great for repairs and homebrew projects.
Go to the OpticsOptics + Microscopes *Fiber and optical test equipment. Lasers to theodolites, as we sometimes wind up with these items as part of a project or large lot purchase. Microscopes, lenses, mirrors, and unusual fiber-optic hardware and cables, items vary randomly with time. Microscope lenses, stages and accessories. Great gear for SMD assembly and inspoection, coming soon!
Slide Rules
Go to the Slide RulesSlide Rules *We have new in the box and vintage restored slide rules from Pickett, K&E, POST, Faber Castell, Blundell and many more. The Slide Rule Universe, full of reference info, archives and manuals for the fans of this wonderful tool.
Vintage EquipmentVintage EquipmentVintage Equipment
Vintage Test Equipment
Go to the Slide RulesVintage Test Equipment *Everything from 1940's magazines and old classic semis to beautiful electronic test equipment from the era when cabinetry was just as important as design.
CLICK to see!
Links to Outside Manuals & Parts
Go to the Slide RulesOutside Manual Sources *OTHER PLACES worth visiting that have test equipment manuals interconnect cables and spare parts available. Just updated with more good FREE test equipment manual sources.
Got questions, comments, need information, or want something?E-mail us

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