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Can you identify these?

May 3, 2024

These are LEDs/LCDs of some sort. We have no idea how many segments they have, what they are for special or how they are used. So far, none of our experts have been able to determine this either.

There are ~484 pieces of these. They are available for playing around with, making a nice piece of art or anything you can think of for only US$10/50 pieces.

If you know what these are AND how to use them AND will share that with us, they are all yours for only the cost of shipping!

Help us out and figure out what these are!!


April 10, 2024

As many of you know, Walter Shawlee, the inspiration and technical mind behind Sphere Research has died.

We are now liquidating all the components and test equipment from the company as well as some of the assets.

We have just started to list larger lots of parts and will continue to add to this regularly, to facilitate the liquidation process.

Please let us know if there is something specific you would like and we will check our stock for you.

The products are all priced. However we are open to reasonable offers.

Thank you for your continued support.



Happy Easter

March 25, 2024

To all our wonderful customers and visitors, we wish you the happiest of holidays. Whether you are celebrating Holi, Vaisaki, Eid, Easter, or Pesach, may it be a joyous time with family and friends.


March 15, 2024

Sunday, 17 March, St.Patrick’s day is  when PACE of Penticton, B.C. is having their inaugural surplus sale and Sphere Research will be there.  Please join us for a wonderful time from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM for a treasure trove of all manner of electronics, new and used and just waiting for you to take them home.

New Categories for Easier Searching

March 8, 2024

We’ve added new categories for Power Supplies and Test Equipment to make it easier to find items that used to be lumped into Other Equipment.