Sphere Research Corp was founded in 1992 by Walter Shawlee 2 as a bespoke research and development firm, quickly branching out into metrology, test equipment repair and servicing, slide rules, and a variety of vacuum tubes.

Over time the nature of Sphere’s business changed a great deal, and while early on it focused more heavily on custom R&D for clients as diverse as massage therapists and avionics companies, it has become primarily known for its slide rules, bountiful collection of obscure spare parts, and active support for education and hobbyists.

Throughout his time in business, Walter 2 has continually supported the education of new generations of STEM students, doing whatever he could to get students interested in the passion that fueled his life’s work, and to provide them the guidance and spare parts they needed to succeed.

His work has forever changed the avionics industry, having created many of the standards that are still in use after 40 years. Many of the systems and components he originally designed and built are still flying today.